Ep. 01: Pressures

As you might imagine, starting anything from scratch takes time and a tremendous amount of determination. I'd be lying to you if I said Trenelle and I came into this endeavor ready for what would be. You have me, the overthinker, ultra private, super "reserved" soul that feels passionately about everything and then there is Trenelle, the passionate, openly tell you about yourself before you can even think twice about how you got where you did after you said that one thing you don't remember. Yet, despite all of this here we are with a launched podcast, 5 recorded episodes you will never hear, and somehow we've managed to remain optimistic about the journey.

Now as you CAN imagine, doing anything new comes with fears and worries, so this week we decided to put those fears to rest and call out ALL the elephants in the room. I'll be honest I'm still scared, and I'm sure Trenelle on the other hand, has moved forward already but that's the beauty of what makes this partnership work. Put us together in a room and ask us to talk about our lives, and suddenly you will witness this unexplainable balance that presents itself. Maybe you can relate to the pressures we discuss, maybe not, but somewhere in your perfect or not so perfect world you've felt them and hopefully this episode lets you know in the most hilarious of ways, that you are not alone.


Just an ordinary girl living in an extraordinary world. In it but not of it.